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 Rank    User Pts
 1    nancy@verax.ca 73
 2    skosmyna 65
 3    Kompressor 62
 4    fmpour 56
 5    Davor13 53
 6    Dangerous_H 50
 7    Spurs1 48
 8    Anadi 47
 9    ADSouza 43
 10    JimmyTheGreek 42
 11    jlim@verax.ca 40
 12    blaine 39
 13    sid 37
 14    blim 34
 15    Sup_RB 30
     Random Monkey 21
 16    QUATTRO 20
 17    MyEuro 11
 Euro 2016 Pool Help
Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
Repeat after me:
- I participate in this pool strictly for ENTERTAINMENT purposes.
- I'm not in this to make money, I'm in it to have fun
- I'm going to be a good sport to the host and fellow pool members
- If I don't agree with any of the above, I will not participate!
How Do I Join?
- If you wish to participate, please subscribe
- The cost of participation is $20.00 CDN (that's Twenty Canadian Dollars), and you can win prizes!!!
- If you wish to participate multiple times (to increase your chances, perhaps), let me know (of course $20 each!)
- Get your friends in on the action... What better way to show your soccer knowledge and claim bragging rights :)
- Click here to email your friends now.
Prize Breakdown (up to 10 players)
- Winner = 60%
- Runner Up = 30%
- Admin Fee = 10%
Prize Breakdown (More than 10 players)
- Winner = 50%
- Second Place = 25%
- Third Place = 15%
- Admin Fee = 10%
Accessing the Website
- Use the Login ID and Password you've entered to log in.
- Make the necessary changes in your profile...
- PLEASE NOTE: The tie braking question can only be entered prior to the tournament start
The Scoring System
- Note: All scores can be updated right up to the official game time
- Basically, you have to predict scores. The point total is the sum of all points based on:
- Correct Outcome = 1 Point
- Perfect Score = [Correct Outcome] + [2 Bonus Points]

- For example take a game between Germany and. Austria. If your prediction is Germany - Austria   2-1, and Germany wins, you get 1 point, if the official score matches your prediction, you get 2 extra bonus points.

- What about ties? Same applies. If you predict a tie and the match ends in a tie, you get 1 points for the correct outcome. In case of perfect score, you get 2 extra bonus points...

- What about the knockout round? Same applies, except the points are doubled and score is compared to whatever it was prior to the penalty shootout. The game therefore can last 120 minutes (including the extra time)!

- The penalties are scored separately using the system below:
- Correct PK Outcome = 2 Points
- Perfect PK Score = [Correct PK Outcome] + [2 Bonus Points]
- These apply regardless of the game's outcome (can be considered a game on its own)

As an example, if Germany and France meet in the Quarterfinals, you have the following options:
- Pick Germany to win 3-2 in the game but pick France on Penalties 5-4 as a backup plan.
- If Germany wins in either regulation or extra time, you get 2 Points.
- If they manage to win 3-2 you get 4 Bonus Points for a total of 6 Points...
- If Germany wins on penalties (the game would end in a draw, of course), you get 2 Points.
- If the actual penalty score is 5-4, you get 2 Bonus Points
- If you're brave enough, you can predict a draw, say 2-2, and Germany to win on penalties 4-2.
- If all this comes through, you get 10 Points in total. GOOD LUCK with that :)

- What about Bonus Teams? Pick two teams you think will get to the final. Hence:
- 5 Points / repersentative in the final
- 10 Bonus Points for the eventual winner.

Tie Breakers
  1. TOTAL number of goals you scored in the tournament. Goals scored during the penalty shoutouts DO COUNT towards the total
  2. Number of perfect scores from regulation time
  3. Flip a coin :)
Contact Me...
- If you have any questions comments and suggestions, send me email to webpools@mindphase.ca
- Spread the word, have fun, enjoy the Tournament :)

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